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September 9, 2013

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With the cancellation of BlissDom and the most popular “mom blogs” thinly veiled shills for corporate promotion, is the era of the mom blogger over?

Part of it is the very nature of the moms who created the phenomenon. While raising small children and tethered to a household without a lot of adult conversation, mom blogging began as a way to chronicle the chaos and joys of raising children.

It was an opportunity for those parents in the trenches to commiserate, share and entertain. And suddenly, people were listening.

Brand managers and the people who serve them began marketing concepts to reach these bloggers, and very quickly, the high quality content created by bloggers was swallowed by product placement. Crazy, over-the-top wooing of bloggers began – trips, ridiculous gifts, all manner of swag. Since they weren’t journalists, there were no pesky ethics to worry about.

Over time, the content became so canned, so commercial that the only ones reading were other bloggers, who wanted to attract the companies themselves.

Bloggers’ babies are now in kindergarten, fourth grade, junior high. There’s a glut in the industry, and savvy how-to groups trying to teach people to make money with the concept of putting someone’s commercial on their blog. That’s not content; that’s a banner ad.

Is this the death knell for mom blogging? Perhaps in its current incarnation. But what made mom blogging so successful – key content for an audience starved for interaction – may create a new kind of mom blog in the very near future.

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