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PR has always been about audience, message and medium. Striking a chord with the audience you need to engage. Good PR has always been social, and social media is best when it’s driven by PR.

The McGowan Group, located near Chicago, helps bring together your story and the people that need to hear it. We’ve done it all – national product launches, social media outreach, crisis communications, B2B. Has the PR landscape changed? Absolutely. But the core elements of PR remain constant: a good story, the right channel, engaging the essential people.

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The McGowan Group Recertified as a Chicago WBE (Women-Owned Business Enterprise)

After the normal exhaustive, laborious and detailed application process, The McGowan Group is once again certified as a WBE (Women-Owned Business Enterprise) for the City of Chicago through 2019.  Since we typically don’t contract directly with the City (though we do have experience working with other governmental agencies), you might ask why we jump through […]

Television Without Pity: Why TWOP’s Demise Should Worry Social Media Folks

Those of us who regularly turned to NBCUniversal-owned for recaps and discussion of television, movies and more are in mourning after the announcement that the site would be closed for business April 4, with archived forums disappearing on May 31. In the early days of social media — when forums and moderated bulletin boards […]

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