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PR has always been about audience, message and medium. Striking a chord with the audience you need to engage. Good PR has always been social, and social media is best when it’s driven by PR.

The McGowan Group, located near Chicago, helps bring together your story and the people that need to hear it. We’ve done it all – national product launches, social media outreach, crisis communications, B2B. Has the PR landscape changed? Absolutely. But the core elements of PR remain constant: a good story, the right channel, engaging the essential people.

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Getting PR Firms To Play Nice in the Sandbox

Assembling a successful agency ensemble can result in a stronger overall PR program than a single company of record.  And companies or brands that involve more than one agency to support marketing goals may be getting the best of all possible situations.  After all, agencies are creatures of creativity and strategy — having more brains […]

No comment, off the record and hot mikes

It’s been an interesting week for media trainers. In every media training presentation I give, I share these three rules: Never say “no comment” Assume a mike is always hot And NOTHING is EVER off the record. Every media trainer in America is likely updating their presentations with clips from two big stories this week […]

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